UGG cleaning method

UGG cleaning method

A simple way to clean up
1. Wash with outer sponge and toothpaste. Squeeze the toothpaste on the snow boots surface, and then gently scrub with a sponge. Other detergent or detergent on the colored ingredients to make it stain, so the best use of toothpaste that kind of white.
2. Wash the inside of the hair, just pour the laundry liquid into the water inside, then the dirty hair soaked in water to clean, gently rubbed by hand, and then gently remove the water. Remember, do not brush with a brush, be sure to hand rub, so clean and will not damage the hair. Finally, and then the same secret weapon – – hair dryer, so a blow, so that the boots of the villi to restore the original fluffy.
The official website of the cleaning method
One, white snow boots
1, white snow boots uppers: Please remember that with white toothpaste + water + soft brush + naturally dry! Oh, some other detergent or detergent on the colored ingredients will make it stain, so the best toothpaste, the kind of white! The The
2, white boots: care methods such as the upper (see one, 1) bubble to the water in the 80% of the dry time to pay attention to the shoes under the stereotypes, or will be very wrinkled, generally nothing.

3, white snow boots plush: colorless transparent washing liquid + water + gently + gently twist off the water + natural drying, 80% dry time, the hair can be a small comb comb hair plush to make hair stereotypes, and then natural You can dry;
Second, light snow boots
1, light (camel, gray, beige, pink, sky blue, etc.) uppers, if not a special stain, ordinary water + soft brush + dry immediately! , Special stains please use transparent washing liquid + soft brush + natural dry;
2, light-colored boots, care methods such as the upper (see two, 1) pay attention to dry when not too hard to cause shoe shoes deformation, dry to 80% of the time to pay attention to stereotypes, or shoes will wrinkle Oh ~ Generally not the whole shoe bubble to the water wash is not so trouble friends, upper brush, dry very quickly.
3, light-colored snow boots plush, care methods such as white snow boots plush (see one, 3)
Three, dark snow boots

1, dark (brown or brown, black, red, etc.) uppers: care methods refer to the light (see two, 1) but be careful not to use bleach ingredients containing detergent
2, dark boots: care methods for light (see two, 2) careful not to use bleach ingredients containing detergent 3, dark snow boots plush: care methods refer to light (see two, 3), Be careful not to use bleach-containing detergents

To summarize what needs to be prepared
1, soft brush
2, water

3, toothpaste or no bleaching ingredients of the washing liquid
If there are plush but also prepared
1, small comb
2, blowing snow boots stained with oil how to do with people wash with a brush brush these are unscientific The correct way is covered with talcum powder and then put 1-2 days and then use a soft brush such as toothbrush light Light brush to go